Saturday, December 20, 2008

Misc. Surroundings

Yesterday I rode my bike to school successfully and played piano for a time. I'm fortunate that they have a really nice Yamaha grand piano there, in a quiet room on the 5th floor with a nice view of the campus around.

I also had tea with my host grandparents, who are pretty cool folks. In their sixties, they speak in the Nagoya dialect, which seems to be a little bit similar to Kansai-ben. I don't think it would be a bad way of speaking to pick up, but as long as I have the freedom to switch between dialects, I think I'll stick with Tokyo.

Also, last night I watched The Matrix dubbed in Japanese. At the theatres here for big releases you can usually choose to see a screening in the original language with subtitles or a dubbed version, depending on your preference. I remember that from last time.

A marsh by a small river.

Looking over a car bridge into a nearly-dry riverbed.

Japanese practice for those studying. What does shop's slogan say?


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  1. Your town's misutaa baiku(!)

    Also, French people would think that that store is dirty.